Ball Drop Game

Ball Drop Game

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    Good luck to play ball

    Name: Ball Drop Game
    Product Code: Ang180
    Diameter: 1042mm
    Height: 2500
    Width: 1932mm
    passenger capacity:
    Weight: 319kg
    velocity of rotation:
    Power: 350W
    Voltage: 220V
    Material: 1.Steel   2.reinforced plastic (GRP)   3.wood  etc
    Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

    How to play:

    1. Insert Coin, press Start button, the upper will release ball trough a jumping ball. The ball fell into the following dial will bounce back, will finally fall into the hole.

    2. If a ball falls into the scoring holes on the turntable, then the player will get the hole corresponding to the score; fell into the “Award hole”, the player will add a bouncing ball; if falling into the “hole out” players would reducing a ball. The middle of the turntable does not rotate units, above the hole, and fell into the hole, the player’s cumulative score will be doubled.

    3. Game over, you will get tickets according to the score you get, based on your tickets number to the counter to get gifts or game currency.


    Monster Drop 2 Player Ball Drop Game Features:

    ▪ Individual + 2-Player Cumulative Jackpots !
    ▪ Dynamic Sound System + LED Lighting !
    ▪ Standard Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispensers.
    ▪ Operator Adjustable Game Parameters.


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