Coin Operated Bar Electronic Dart Machines

Coin Operated Bar Electronic Dart Machines

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    Name:  Coin Operated Bar Electronic Dart Machines
    Product Code: Ang133
    Diameter:  720mm
    Height:  2650mm
    Width: 710 mm
    passenger capacity:
    Weight:  160kg
    velocity of rotation:
    Power:  220W
    Material: 1.Steel   2.reinforced plastic (GRP)   3.wood  etc
    Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram


    Compared the hard darts machine,our new dart machine can counting ,scoring and display game result automatically etc. The dart machine is with many different darts games.Except Traditinoal Games,Mickey Mouse and 01 games,we also put some simple and easy control practice darts games for the fresh darts people,to help them to improve darts skills. we also developed more darts game more recreational and playable, according to different business place.For example,our machines with one dart game ,which can help to improve selling more beer in the bar.

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