Laser fight battery operated bumper car

Laser fight battery operated bumper car

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    battery bumer cars (8)wProduct Code:Ang187

    1. Remote start function.
    2. Laser fight cars.
    3. Space Battleship Appearance.
    4. Simple operation field.
    5. The game time can be preset between 1-9 mins.
    6. The bumper car shot by laser will quake 3-5 seconds and will be punished to revolve if shot N times(can be preset).
    7. The rated charging voltage is ~50Hz 220V, the charging time is 3-4 hours, the supply voltage range is ~50Hz 210V-230V.
    8. Battery specification: 12V 45 AH 2; continuous working time 6-8 hours.
    9. Battery type: MF NS60 (55B24R).
    10. Rated load: 60kg.
    11. The maximum current consumption of 10 amps.
    12. The total weight of the machine is about 60KG (including the battery, the battery is about 15KGx2).
    13. packing size: 1430mm (long) *1300mm* (wide) *700mm (high)


    battery bumer cars (19)

    Main customers of this product are family amusement centers, supermarkets, children parks, with operation performances as follows:

    1. new play method, different from traditional bumper cars. Aviation levers, laser fighting, interaction among cars;
    2. battery power supply; playground requirement is simple—flat and smooth; the operation ground can be easily to change for other purpose;
    3. Children can invite friends to fight against each other;
    4. The speed is not very fast, fighting- against others is the main function;
    5. Some operators put some other simulative barriers to add the interests and difficulty. That’s a quite good idea.


    See what our customers have to say:

    “ This product is a big surprise! Look forward to your generation 2. I’ve know some your idea of generation 2. I believe it will be better!”— Maria

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