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    Retro phonographRetro phonograph


    Product Code:: Ang-09121


    Host size: length 59x width 45x high 90cm

    Cabinet size: length 62x width 46x high 99cm

    Trumpet caliber: 53x53cm product total height: 189cm

    Product color:

    Classic brown, white, ivory, ivory, other colors can be customized

    Audio configuration:

    High, medium and low frequency divider;

    Two pairs of Toshiba brand amplifier tube;

    Hivi brand bass horn;

    The Sanyo CD movement

    Product distribution:

    Vinyl + original Ruby stylus

    The positive fill single disc CD box

    The FM/AM FM radio

    The three speed player (33/45/78 speed), automatic recovery;

    The turntable is compatible with 18/25/30cm;

    The support USB card, MP3 format;


    The power level two protection, to ensure the safety of power supply

    The copper big horn: Handmade three-dimensional carving, exquisite workmanship;

    The process: pure hand carved, with relief, shallow carving, carving;

    High quality sound system;

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