Why Buy From Angmas

In the past, we were OEM/ODM vendor of some famous companies. You can save 10%-50% cost by purchasing the same products from us, which is the brand premium.

We have efficient supply chain system, knowing where and how to find the best recourses and integrate them. We can control the price and quality because of our own factory of key components.

Our flat management structure and effective incentive system deletes the nonsense management cost from the products price.

We are the few manufacturers of some products attributed to special equipments in China, which should obtain the Chinese government to strictly review and issue a permit.

Our long-term customers are mainly from Europe, the United States and Japan, where is well-known of their strict standards of products. We keep on upgrading the products quality.

Our factories are in Zhongshan and Guangzhou, where are the core areas of amusement equipments in China, full of latest industry and products information. We focus on and collect the industry trends to make sure our products possessing the most popular elements.

We will do actual test on the amusement play-round before batch production, to observe the influence of the various factors to the experience and adjust it. We will continuously collect information on the use of feedback to adjust and upgrade.

We have to confess that we cannot have insight of culture and people in every country even though we provide products to so many countries and districts, so, we are ready to listen to your suggestion to make more satisfactory products.

This is a happy-making industry. Our happy staff will provide your pleasant service to you. Let’s make a happy experience to all of our end users by our productions together! Every order will be well followed by our professional colleagues, making sure every detail , no matter from website or telephone or email. You will feel that they are like your own colleagues or team members, needing them and like them. We know well that time is money, so your time will not be waste!  Your suggestion to make us better will be welcome. Tell us, then your next order may have 1% to 10% discounts.